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when I was 18 years old, I moved to Panama with my mom, we opened by the years 3 businesses: Paula Nani Restaurant-Lounge one Cabaret  Paula Nani El Club & Paula Nani Beach Club.

by the time, we started to be into the top 10 restaurants in the country, we received presidents of the country such as Ricardo Martinelli, Juan Carlos Varela, a lot of CEO and people from the show business industry.

At 21, I decided to build an Association with all the business owners   inside the old town ( Casco Viejo)  and so became "ACCA" associaciòn de comerciantes de Casco Antiguo.

meeting every Wednesday with the mayor of town to talk about increasing and making the old town a better place.

When Covid arrived, we decide my mom and I to sale everything, and to spend time with Family in country, France. After a year or so I decide to follow what I really had in mind since a long time : Acting & Producing.

Being able to express myself as an artist through Acting but also keeping my management skills in Producing Movies & so with my Business partner we decided to create a

Production Company : Acknowledge Pictures LLC and then we gave light to our movie called "Whatever it takes"

                                 BE SOMEONE, BE A HERO, BE A LEGEND, ACT.




"WHATEVER IT TAKES" directed by Damien Biano
Lead actor / Producer / writer 

"HEART OF MINE" directed Riker Lynch
2nd role IVAN


CONSUMPTION" directed by Everett 
role of Director

"THE THIRD WAVE" directed by Christian Wolf 
2nd role 


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